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Mission About Privacy
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Privacy Policy

We care about your data and respect your privacy, so we have provided this human-readable policy that outlines exactly how we store and use your data and, if you wish, how you can remove this data.

Any of the data mentioned below is collected after you grant permission through the Facebook or Twitter authentication APIs, or your browser's geolocation permissions system. We do not sell your data in any way.

When you make a promise, the text of your promise, as well as your name is published to the public stream of promises. There is an option on the promise page to make your promise anonymously, if you would like to make a promise without revealing your identity.

Social Platform Integration

If you login with Facebook or Twitter when you make your promise, your name and profile picture will appear along with your promise in the public stream of promises. The location you list on Facebook or Twitter will be used in conjunction with any keywords that we find in your promise (see section below) in order to provide you with local resources to help you fulfill your promise.

If you would like to remove your Facebook or Twitter data, you can do so by going to your promise URL ( and click "Remove Facebook/Twitter data." In order to confirm that the promise belongs to you, you will need to login to Facebook or Twitter on the promise page first.

Once you confirm the removal of your data, your name, location and profile image URL will be deleted from our database. All promises you have made will be converted to anonymous promises. The text of the promise remains intact, but these promises cannot be reclaimed after your social data has been deleted.

Promises made without connecting to Facebook or Twitter cannot be converted to anonymous promises.

Keyword Search

In order to provide you with more relevant, actionable resources, we look for specific keywords in your promise and use this information to help you fulfill your promise. For example, if you make a promise to "donate my old clothes," we will show you the results of a Google Places search for clothing donation centers around your Facebook/Twitter/HTML5 location.

Keyword searching is the only text-analyzation that we do of your promise. We do not sell this data or show you ads based on this data. Any results we show you are unfiltered and directly from a Google Places API search.

We reserve the right to remove, alter, or anonomize promises due to on profanity, inappropriateness, or offensive words or phrases, at our sole discretion. By using this site, you accept this privacy policy, which we reserve the right to alter at any time.