Make Happy Happen

The holiday season doesn't have to be a ritual of corporate greed and shopping frenzies.

Let's work together to make the holidays happy for everyone.

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Make Happy Happen is a project of Leo Mancini Design. It is produced by NOSHADOWS, the project studio of Leo Mancini Design. Fulfillment resources and suggestions collected and developed in collaboration with The Art of Laura Mancini.

Make Happy Happen aims to spread happiness by facilitating personal promises, promoting social inspiration, and providing relevant fulfillment opportunities and resources.

A note from the creator of this project, Leo Mancini:

I came up with the idea for Make Happy Happen on the subway while I was thinking of ideas for a holiday card contest. I didn't want my design to be yet another compilation of cliché holiday imagery. I thought it would be fun for the card to be a "certificate" of sorts, with the phrase, "I promise to...". The individual could fill in their name and make a promise to do something good this holiday season. Once filled out, the card would serve as a reminder to fulfill the promise.

Once I had formulated this idea, I thought it naturally landed itself to a social website. And so, was born.