Make Happy Happen

The holiday season doesn't have to be a ritual of corporate greed and shopping frenzies.

Let's work together to make the holidays happy for everyone.

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Mission Statement

The holiday season has become a ritual of greed and gluttony. Millions of dollars are spend on holiday advertising, enticing consumers into buying needless trinkets and raking up massive credit card debt.

We believe that the holidays should be a celebration of each other and that every one of us deserves this time of happiness, regardless of financial or social status. We want to spread awareness that, for tens of thousands of people around the world, including the sick, unemployed, and lonely, the holidays can be the most trying time of the year.

But, we can change that through three simple concepts.


We facilitate personal promises by which each individual can make their own contribution to spread happiness. We encourage promises that do not involve shopping, but rather generosity to those most in need.


We promote sharing to inspire others to promise as well. Through the force of our collective promises, we can make the holidays universally enjoyable.


We make these promises actionable by providing resources for individuals to volunteer, donate, and give back to their community. When possible, we display local and relevant opportunities.

And while for many, the holidays mean family time and abundant gifts, everyone must do their duty as a compassionate human being to remember those who are struggling during this time of the year.

Make Happy Happen is about spreading happiness and returning to the human values of the holiday season: love, peace, and generosity. Together, we can make the holidays happy for all.