Make Happy Happen

The holiday season doesn't have to be a ritual of corporate greed and shopping frenzies.

Let's work together to make the holidays happy for everyone.

Mission About Privacy

General Community Resources

Directories and opportunities for volunteering, donating, and community service.

Remember, promises can be fulfilled in your daily life, too.

Here are some tips for being more compassionate.

  1. Relax. Try to find the best in everything.
  2. Give yourself a break. There's no need to be overly self-critical.
  3. Take time to quiet your mind. Practice meditation and yoga.
  4. Express yourself. Make art, play music, dance, sing. Have fun.
  5. Get rid of one bad habit at a time.
  6. Slow down. Take the time to eat a meal with your family.
  7. Try not to judge people. Be mindful of other's feelings.
  8. Remember common courtesy. Give up your seat on the train.
  9. Listen to others. Think about the power of words.
  10. Laugh at life's inconveniences.